How can I believe in god / Christianity when I was raped and all I ever did was be a good person

I understand the difficulty in having and keeping faith in the midst of trauma. The basic answer to this question is belief in God is not a shield from misfortune. The event itself wasn’t brought on by God though so don’t be mistaken. The truth is that we live in a broken sinful world with broken sinful people, so unfortunately things like this happen. I want to emphasize that this did not happen because of God, please try to not blame him.

Now to kinda step aside from the religious aspect, while dating my ex, she was raped as well. Obviously I didn’t experience it myself, but we went through many hard times following together so I wanted to try to offer advice. Please have some sort of support system, whether it be trusted friends or family therapy. I mean I’d even be willing to chat if a random internet stranger would be helpful to you. Take whatever time you need to grieve from the event, but don’t forget to stand back up in time and take your life back. This isn’t the end, and this will not define you. I am so sorry this happened to you. Don’t fight alone and never give up. And again, DMs are open if you need. Regardless, I will pray for you.

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