Daily Questions Megathread (October 14, 2022)

Assuming both are C0, which character is stronger/better meta-wise? (please don’t pull a wish-who-you-wanna-wish bs)

Cyno or Nilou?

Here’s my current situation. I’m skipping both of them for Nahida. I will wait for their rerun, however I can only choose one character since I’m a F2P player so I want to save primogems for future characters. I’ve seen their gameplay and I do like them both, and from what I’ve heard they both work really well with Nahida.

We’re taking into account on who’s best solo, as well as which of their best teams makes the most damage output out of the two.

TLDR: Who’s a better character for a F2P overall, solo and team damage wise, Cyno or Nilou?

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