How can I express frustrations to my boss without burning a bridge in the process? (23F)

Look elsewhere if this company will not follow up on the promises that were made. It's especially insulting to say that his hobbies are more important than wasting his time with promises that were made.

If you can survive on what you have now, I'd personally drop the matter and set your sights on your 1 year mark. 2 months from that, start applying to jobs. Be very picky and slow. If you hit the 1 year mark, be less picky - but still very wary of bad workplaces.

If you are willing to simply accept this, then I would be more direct with the boss. Send him an email stating that this specific promise was made and you expect the company to follow through on that promise.

I'm in a job where some false promises were made in order to get me into the position. I realized 6 months into it that they had no intention of following through. I just made it past my 1 year mark. It's long enough to not raise many eyebrows on the resume and my honest answer is a fine excuse when asked.

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