How can I give my plants nutrients without going out to buy them?

This year I started a compost pile directly on some variegated kale. It reroots from the stem so it doesn't mind. But it really seems to like it. Lots of leaves and didnt wilt in the hot sun as much as last year. You might not have enough time left for this year for that.

You could also try making fermented plant juice (fpj). It's a natural Korean farming method. Lots of tutorials online. Its take a fair amount of brown sugar and weeds to make but you can dilute the solution quite a bit.

I do something similar but just take some weeds, a little sugar like molasses and cultured product like yogurt to ferment the plant material. Then apply everything including the plant material. Unlike the fpj I dont dilute. Stick to one type of weed and cut it into smaller uniform pieces

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