How can I preserve rape evidence that has been damaged by water/mold?

Where was this? Most states have laws on the books mandating that hospitals must provide this service irregardless of police involvement.

If memory serves, that was the law at the time in my state as well. I wish I could remember the reason the hospital gave me. I want to say it's because I went through the ER (it was outside normal business hours) and either the police weren't present like you said or because it was just against their policy. I'm sure I've got it recorded in a statement or journal somewhere... assuming it didn't get FUBAR during the flood.

I...what?..again, Where?

I know. Just....I know. SO MUCH went wrong. And the mishandling extended to my university, another police department, and my employer too. It was a freaking shit show. This stuff definitely does not play out in real life the way it does on TV.

DNA is then irrelevant to a criminal case. It doesn't prove any more than has already been admitted to, that sexual contact occurred. If Jimmy John DENIED sexual contact, and they then sent the DNA to the lab and proves he was lying, then it devalues his credibility.

Jimmy John admitted to sexual contact but such that it amounted to a lesser offense (outside of clothing vs. inside of clothing). There were other charges too though, second-degree sexual assault and false imprisonment, the latter of which had a witness. I'm not sure why those charges weren't pursued. I would have taken pursuit of lesser charges over none at all.

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