How do you guys bounce out your projects?

I just did a small experiment out of curiosity. I'm not sure how accurate, scientific, valid this test was, so I'll just give the run down of what I did and the results.

  1. Does bouncing have any effect before export? I was looking for any sort of artifacts induced in the rendering process focused mainly on using 2 midi tracks layered together without any sort of sidechain. DAW is Ableton live 9, 96kHz 24bit native.

  2. Outline of the experiment- Take a 40sec sample containing both tracks. Export Test 1 as both midi files, Test 2 as 1 midi track flattened and the other still as midi, Test 3 was both flattened. Each test was done exporting 2 files, one as the native 96k24bit and a second downsampled to 44k24bit (both WAV format)-this was done to see if the artifacts were introduced either during the exportation/rendering or during downsampleing.

  3. Reviewing the information via Spek with the limits set to -30dBFS to -120dBFS as a base range for viewing difference in the spectrum. Surprisingly, there was only a very subtle difference found between Test 1 (midi only) and test 3 (both wav's), it was an artifact happening in Test 3. Test two was thrown out, as it looked similar to test 3 with the same artifact taking place at the same dB. The 44k16 files displayed the same artifact differences as the 96k, so the 96k were used to further examine due to higher resolution/less noise. The artifact only took place when a certain "hit" of chords was played, happening periodically at ~500hz. The difference was the dynamic range when it occurred. I scaled the lower limit towards 0 until the artifact was barely visible (cntrl+shift+up). In Test 1 it became visible at -14dBFS, in Test 3 it was at -10dBFS.

  4. Explaination- It's fucking Friday night and I'm looking at spectrographs, so I'm going to do something more trill with my life. In short, the file with the midi's not bounced to WAV's sounded better with less background noise. Why? Fuck if I know... audio engineering, science, magic and shit...

Here's a zip of the files that I exported as outlined above if anyone is bored enough to over-analyze it some more! Spoiler-it's not trvp...

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