How much do SMs make per hour?

So MGRs are supposed to work 45-49 hours per week, depending on if it’s their week to work a Saturday. Let’s call it 47 hours on average.

$48k is the official starting rate for a Tier 2 manager in most of the country.

At that salary and hours worked, it’s 19.64 an hour.

That’s less than any RXOM and many Senior Techs.

Take it one step farther, anything past 40 hours should be time and a half. It’s how Walgreens calculates the ESM salary, but for managers we just get salaried at 40 hour work weeks even though the expectation is to work 47.

So at time and a half for 7 hours, the starting rate is actually $18.28. Barely above the midrange for a SFL.

I know there are lazy managers that don’t work their hours. And their are managers that have to work 60 hour weeks. I’m just going off the actual expectations for the role.

It shouldn’t be any surprise why the company is struggling to find quality MGRs at these rates. You could just be a SFL and collect a ton of OT and make more than a starting MGR.

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