How come no-one seems to care about the Ukraine invasion anymore? It clearly hasn't been resolved?

Had there been an active resistance I'd agree.

A very large majority of the German people had no idea that their nation's leader had implemented the Final Solution. He presented false proof of the Jewish people's guilt that the Germans took as justification for their persecution, but not mass genocide.

It's a bold statement to say that a territory which is literally called the land of the Pruteni (a Baltic pagan people, whom the Germanic "Prussians" conquered) is their sacred territory.

Saying that the fact that someone lived there at any point in the past invalidates any sovereign nation's claim or settlement of the area is extremely hypocritical. By your logic, the following should own all of their respective territory:

  • Aegean: Greek tribes, Pelasgians/Tyrrhenians and Anatolians.
  • Armenian Highlands/Anatolia: Armenians
  • Balkans: Illyrians List of ancient tribes in Illyria, Dacians and Thracians.
  • Caucasus: Georgians
  • Italian peninsula: Italic peoples, Etruscans, Adriatic Veneti, Ligurians and Greek colonies.
  • Western/Central Europe: Celts (List of Peoples of Gaul, List of Celtic tribes), Rhaetians and Swabians, Vistula Veneti, Lugii and Balts.
  • Iberian peninsula: Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula (Iberians, Lusitani, Aquitani, Celtiberians) Basques and Phoenicians ( Carthaginians).
  • Sardinia: Nuragic people, comprising the Corsi, Balares and Ilienses tribes.
  • British Isles: Celtic tribes in Britain and Ireland and Picts/Priteni, Britons.
  • Northern Europe: Finnic peoples, Germanic peoples(List of Germanic peoples)
  • Southern Europe: Sicani.
  • Eastern Europe: Scythians, Sarmatians.
  • Americas: (too many to list)
  • India: Ancient Indus River Valley peoples

The nation which honorably caused WWI because it wanted to steal some more land, after participating in every partition of Poland ever.

Your sarcasm is much appreciated, dear ill-informed dipshit. Allow me to link you the actual turn of events of World War I. The Germans in no way started the Great War, and neither did the Prussian nation, which I was reffering to, but regardless, they both, unified under one flag, supported the interests of their allies in exactly the same way as the other major European powers, and the advances into France and neutral Belgium were actually in defensive response to intelligence garnered that gave Germany reason to believe France had plans to invade Germany through Belgium. German diplomats also requested peaceful passage without harm through the Sovereign state of Belgium in order to invade France preemptively, and were denied.

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