How this poster cleverly blames men for the date "not working out" or "feeling a bit weird".

"Oh hey barkeep, have you seen a girl around here, shortish with red hair?"

"She left friend."

"She left, uh, why? Did she say?"

"You made her feel uncomfortable so we helped her get a taxi and took her out the backdoor. She left like 20 minutes ago."

"Uncomfortable? I mean, it's a date. I guess I shouldn't have said that thing about her breasts. C'mon barkeep, I come in here every week. You know I'm not a creep. The back door? What did I do?"

"Well she seemed pretty freaked out."

"I guess I should call her. I mean I have her number and I know where she lives."

"Yeah... well maybe that's not a good idea."

"She's really pissed me off now though. I mean this isn't how you treat other people. If she didn't like me she just shouldn't have gone on the date."

"Uh... I just work here."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about this. I just feel kinda humiliated. I thought she might have liked me. Cancel the desserts would you? I'm going home."

"No problem. Do you want the check now?"

"She didn't pay her half?"

"She was in a rush man. She couldn't very well stand here and give over her credit card details while you sharpened up your knife and fork."

Yep. Good idea feminists.

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