How Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Brain?

The issue I have is the seemingly negative connotation that diminished recall ability has. In other words, the video makes it sound like "remembering less" is a bad thing. While it certainly isn't a good thing, I think that being able to access pretty much any information via a search can be just as useful than traditional learning and recall.

Basically it's just a different skill set with the same results. So let's say I have a really great memory. I can easily recall general information, travel routes (an example made in the video,) and numerous cooking recipes. My brother, on the other hand, isn't so great an memorizing things. However, his "google-fu" skills are on par. It's a few extra steps and a little bit extra time compared to personal recall ability, but he can look up those routes, look up those recipes, or pretty much find any information on the fly.

Is it a substitute for memory? Nah. But I personally feel like having the skills to accurately and efficiently look things up is less of a burden on my brain than the other option. Why learn how to do 12 different things when instead of knowing those 12 things I can just know 1 thing (how to search for information?)

Or something. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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