HTC One M9 receives first OTA update. ROM version is 1.32.401.15 (327.21MB)

While I have used both and came to the conclusion that the M9 has a slight edge (ha!) on the S6 in terms of snappiness (I haven't had a chance to use it during load though) I can't use myself as a source. I too haven't found any reviews, but I read this guy's opinion as slightly favourable to the M9 in terms of how fast it is:

Most of the people I know who tried it out in the shop say the same thing. But this might of course be because HTC's Sense is extremely light even though it changes the appearance quite a lot. I'm sure we will see similar statements in future comparisons.

We need to break the circlejerk. Yes, the Snapdragon 810 overheats. But it is so powerful that even with throttling, it compares to the best phones. Yes, the screen is slightly worse than the M8 and battery is about the same. But if you want a good looking phone with quite a lot of power, M9 is a good choice. I was dead set on the S6 Edge, but after playing with it.. I'm by no means a form over function guy, but the S6 looked.. tacky! It is so shiny and glossy under all that glass. The black variant looked like blue just because of it. It looks better on photos, however, some say it looks better in person.

I don't use my camera. My last picture taken on my current phone was from my trip to southern Europe a couple of months ago. Even though it was a M7, it took great pictures (because of the extremely good light, it sucks at dark conditions because of purple tint).

If you're coming from the M7, any of this year's or last year's phones will do good. The M9 felt like a beast, I don't want a paperweight, I want to feel like I have something substantial in my hand, that I can drop it a hundred times without it breaking, as my M7 has never broken even though I drop it frequently. With the S6 or Xperia line, you have all glass.. All over the place.

If you have any other questions I'll happily answer them. I can get to a store and compare if you'd like.

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