This idea has been posted already, but it really needs to become a thing. COD Points as Black Market unlocks. Why copy Fortnite's tier system if you're just gonna take out what made it good?

Yeah the 500 extra vbucks a season is really what makes Fortnite's battlepass good. There's so much to buy with it. You can afford a whole:

1 or 2 emotes.

0 skins.

0 pickaxes.

Or 0 gliders.

What a deal!

You guys need to shut up about how much "better" Fortnite's system is for giving you vbucks. If anything, Fortnite's battle pass is worse for giving you less content. It only goes to 100 tiers, and some of those tiers are just vbucks, which you need a minimum of 200 to afford anything in the shop, and you're limited to emotes since everything else is too expensive. So you don't even get an item each tier. BO4's system goes past 100, just you aren't guaranteed specific items past 100 since it's reserves.

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