If we are for fat people, we aren’t for eugenics

I have read about that, it seems weird. I think it's less about their identity and more that they don't see it as a disability or a thing that requires correcting. They have a language and a culture and a community, and as i understand it they see hearing aids as being unnecessary.

I say live and let live, but I'm not deaf or otherwise disabled. I do have a friend who literally woke up a quadriplegic one day and nobody really knows why. I've seen him fight like hell for years to make minimal gains and I have nothing but admiration for his tenacity. It makes me so mad at the internet to see FAs using "disability justice" to justify their entirely self caused and totally correctable state of unhealthiness. Its disgusting that they are using this language for themselves. If being fat is your only problem and you refuse to acknowledge scientific facts or help yourself and still want to call it a disability, I dont know what else to say but "fuck you."

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