If Jeff Bezos net worth were spread over every employee of Amazon, they would each have $250,000 more.

Capitalism does not work for: the 10m+ indigenous people systemically killed and/or violently removed from their land to cede said land for said “capitalist” society, the 10-15 million slaves forcibly removed from their origins in Africa and re-rooted into a foreign country, and all of their offspring who live with this generational trauma but have been given 0 reparations, almost every once existent group of indigenous people in Africa, South America, and that Middle East whose land and resources have been taken and pillaged for the consumption of those in affluent communities, leaving those who were once able to live on the abundant natural resources around them in a state of poverty and dependence they had encountered previously, everyone who has ever been poisoned or killed by contamination of their drinking water (and then not been able to afford medical care), the millions of Americans who have no choice but to work 60+ hours a week and suffer from severe depression, stress and suicidal ideation. The amount of violence and destruction this system requires to begin (“private property” comes from somewhere) means it works for a select few and is and has been incredibly destructive to a great many.

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