What’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever witnessed?

Someone close to me what was victim to a very traumatising armed robbery, they were caught at the petrol station and dragged to a field where they were met by 8 armed men. They had them strangled with chains and had them lay down on the ground before they fired gunshots right next to their ears. This was all a tactic to get them to unlock their phones and clear their bank accounts and also to steal the brand new xbox they had in the car. This friend of mine was really upset at the world , we can say he wanted to kill anyone who looked like a criminal to him. He eventually reached out to an ex reckie (South African special forces Veteran). This reckie managed to track down one of the robbers, he then face-timed my friend and we watched as he tortured him, he shoved metal rods through his eyes , cut off his tongue ,strangled him with wire and ended w a shot to the head. This was such a gruesome thing to experience, but my friend was unfazed and he had a smile on his face. I don’t blame him , maybe i can’t relate to what he was feeling?

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