Aside from weightlifting, what type of sports or activities can a person do to build substantial muscle?

dedicated weight training will make someone far stronger in comparison to only doing labor work

Probably true. I'm just saying that I've seen some very well muscled farm men, especially back in the day.

When I was young, I had a car that wouldn't go into reverse, needed a transmission or a new car, but I just drove it and always parked in such a way, I could roll backwards if necessary, or drive forwards out of the parking spot. Except for one time.

One night, I pulled into a parking lot at the hilly university, and all the parking spaces were full. There was not enough room to turn around, and I couldn't back up and it was a long steep way back to the road. I started to panic and my friend said don't worry, I'll just push it back up to the road. I didn't think it was possible, but he got out and pushed my car a couple hundred feet back up a very steep lane as I steered. He did it like it was nothing, Fast. It was an 80s Toyota Corona. I had never even noticed how strong he was because he was a bit chubby and always wore loose-fitting clothes.

I have no idea why he was so strong, he was a writer and an intellectual who did a lot of reading. I'm sure he never worked out. Strength is a funny thing. Some people you wouldn't expect are very strong.

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