ILPT Request : Amazon DNA question

Yes, but harder. Keep in mind all DNA's are not guaranteed, so dont count on your money back.

Tons of extra difficulties, so the few important pointers are:

  • The order cannot exceed the $500 threshold. Including the importing and shipping fees.
  • No items with SN's or anything that can be blacklisted.
  • Depending on your local carrier's (whoever they use, no clue who it is on Sweden), make sure the delivery will not require signature.
  • The order must come through an Amazon entity within your same continent (AKA dont go for .com, but maybe Due to customs and a bunch of other traceability related points which could lead to believing you're the victim of identity theft depending on the amount of the order, which Amazon follows up with the proper authorities, and that will eventually turn into them finding out your fraud. Obv doesnt happen every single time, but its possible.

For international orders it's way easier to get a refund on a damaged item. Specifically, items that cannot be returned due to safety hazards (anything that you would've had to put gas on in order to use and such).

If your local carrier doesnt require signature on delivery AND you're NOT buying anything that will trigger a phone call to you from customs (Dunno for Sweden, but in my country if I order liquids, items heavier than a certain threshold, etc... I will receive a call from customs asking for my permit or license to import said item), AND its not some super expensive item, then about 80% of the DNA's will be approved.

Intl orders trigger the T2 flag way quicker than regular orders so dont do it too often (Normally the 2nd intl DNA will get you T2 flagged)

Take this with a grain of salt, intl orders are a bit of a coin flip due to numerous reasons. If you follow all the guidelines, call and get a no, just hang up before finishing the call and call back again. 3-4 tries is all it takes most of the time.

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