I'm 14 years old. I just found this subreddit.

Don't get bogged down in the terminology.

Realize that there are circlejerk elements here. Realize you should take all stories with a grain of salt. Realize that the most upvoted stories on here are often related to power reclamation. That is, that men who are older who have failed in the sexual marketplace upvote any story that relates to men having power or being dominant over their own sexuality or women. Try not to pay to much attention to feel good garbage.

Try to ignore all the stuff that spirals outwards from the central tenants of TRP. Focus on the central ideas. Focus on what you can do for yourself. Focus on how TRP will help you realize the way you've always wanted to be, and the relationships you've always wanted (err...maybe just want for you pubescent kid), and realize that, that is OK and you should go for it.

You're in high school, or going to be. Look around. Who do all the girls talk about, pay attention to, want attention from? The popular kids are the jocks, right? This never changes. They just get better at hiding it, and because we're not all locked in a room together all day with relatively little work to do, there are less opportunities for the attention and interest to shine through. If girls aren't paying attention to you it's not because you're shy, or because you don't know them, or that you both like each other and someone needs to say it like on TV. It's because they don't like you.

You should set yourself up NOW to succeed.

  1. Join a sport if you haven't already. Anything. This is non negotiable. Not an activity, a sport.

  2. Learn how to eat right.

  3. Lift weights, make sure you're eating enough to gain muscle. Learn about weight lifting and nutrition

  4. Take advantage of opportunities when it comes to learning anything new. You aren't committing to anything, you're just experiencing. Your goal here should be to know what you want to do by the time you get to college.

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