I'm an obese NEET looking for a job somewhere I guess.

Hey, hang in there ok? I give you big time credit for making the first step to do something different. Have you thought about talking to someone about potential depression? You sound like you have low self esteem, and talking to someone might be the step you need to get out of that rut. As far as a job, I know this will probably be what a lot of others say, but learning coding from home might be a great opportunity for you. As far as your teeth, I was in your situation not that long ago. I’m not stew about your financial situation (patents, etc) but if your finances are in bad shape and you can’t afford a dentist, you can look into Medicaid. They will hook you up with a dentist and it will be free to you likely. After you get that taken care of, you can get braces if need be.

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