I'm not depressed, but I think I need help socializing

It will work out.

I'm 35. In high school, I too avoided alcohol despite everyone else trying to pressure me into it. It was not a religious choice, but instead I believe in always expecting the worst. What if the opportunity of a lifetime happened and I was unable to properly react because of some sort of intoxication? What if something terrible happened for the same reason?

Anyways, I joined the Army out of high school, did Army stuff for about a decade, and despite the best efforts of others, remained alcohol free. As long as you don't pick up a holier than thou attitude, toward the drinkers, it is possible to still be social around drinking friends. You can be a designated driver, keeping them from killing themselves, or others. Many a night I was subjected to drunken rambling from people about how they respect me for sticking by my refusal to drink.

It really boils down to finding the right group of friends. Don't chase being cool. Just hang out with the people who treat you well. I managed to find that great middle ground in school where I was a friend to everyone in my grade, and quite a few above and below. Just treat people as you'd want to be treated, it's as simple as that. If somebody treats you badly, they are not worth your time. It's their loss.

I spent most of my free time playing video games, and yeah, that can really kill your social life. Video games can be just as detrimental to your life as any addiction. I question what my life would be life if I hadn't ever got hooked on games in the 80s. I'm still chasing that high to this day. I think games are good in moderation, but can also be a big problem.

You are young, life will move on. High school might feel like the worst thing right now, but believe it or not, you will have some fond memories eventually. There's also a good chance that once you are out of school, you won't ever really ever talk to those school mates again. You have time to be whatever you want.

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