I'm the one she goes off on....help me!

Wow, I'm sorry to hear this. What is shocking to me is that she doesn't want to escape this cycle for her own sanity because I can guarantee she doesn't enjoy feeling like that--I speak from experience. It's so sad that she reacts to this issue being an insult to her womanhood. We get these mixed messages from society about our periods and hormones. We are supposed to power through them, they aren't supposed to affect us in any big way, we are equal to men so something arbitration like a bodily function should have no impact on us! I've also been hearing more and more that PMS isn't real, it's a sociological construct or something. Women who don't have symptoms lord it over those who do. We can't cut ourselves any slack it acknowledge that these things do affect our lives or we are being weak. It is ridiculous to place this kind of pressure on ourselves to ignore what our bodies are saying to us, and doing so does not make us lesser beings. I have been working with a doctor to help theses symptoms and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life every day, not just during PMS. My husband has also benefited greatly as now I'm not doing what your girlfriend does to you. It was horrible to be raging at him over an imagined affair or something, then wake up two days later and wonder, "what was I so mad about? Everything's fine!" I don't know how he put up with it other than being the most patient human on earth. He never mentioned hormones because I don't think he was as observera to as you seem to be. (so I guess he really thought I was just prone to mood swings?) I had to figure it out myself after things escalated. Besides being angry at that time I was miserable, suicidal thoughts and everything. I'd hate to think your gf is suffering through that, thinking its normal, or just the way things are for her. I hope you can broach the topic during a calm time and maybe start by asking her how she feels instead of leading with hormones or her fits of rage. Hopefully you've been reading other posts here for more insight. Good luck! She is lucky you care so much. I hope she feels better soon.

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