[Image] Outwitting your laziness

I mean, that doesn't mean the lazy part is the smart part, and I don't think this guy is inferring he's trying to outwit anything having to do with the lazy person who works smart. It's a quote that's pretty specific to software development or engineering, especially given the person who said it.

It just means that laziness can be a good motivator to design an easier and repeatable solution. You might have a sys admin who has to install this new software into 100 hosts, and the hard working one might spend all 8 hours of that day logging into each and installing it. The lazy person is going to think, "fuck this, I can probably script something to get this done automatically", and they're going to spend an hour trying to figure out a way to get out of doing the tedious work. That's the smarter solution, but it's also the one to get out of work. And that person is going to be more efficient in general if they look at problems from the "avoid tedious work" side.

But the post is about his lazy part wanting to smoke weed and watch movies. I think he literally means what he said, that he accepts a good part of him doesn't want to work hard and just wants to take the day off, but he's constantly trying to avoid succumbing to that feeling. It's not like he's trying to outwit the lazy guy inside trying to come up with smart solutions. He's trying to outwit the inner part of him that just wants to smoke weed all day.

The Bill Gates version means the lazy person is going to outwit the hard worker and do the job a more efficient way, and this dude's version of lazy means they're not going to do the job at all and just smoke weed.

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