Incel just wants a trad cutie.

Oh no! Shock and horror(not a woman I'm transmasc but they'd consider me a woman sooooo), I guess I should had more random sex back then. And I was even trying because I was in a weird stage after a rape(hypersexuality after rape is a thing and is caused by trauma) tbf I also didn't have penetrative sex with many people. But that's mainly because it's very hard physically for me to have that. It takes more time and effort in general than most would be willing to do. People can still force it though because that happened during that time and switched me to the opposite of it. Which is equally unhealthy. Because now I'm terrified of any sex and I shouldn't be. I went from one extreme to the other of reactions and I don't know how to stop that. But what I was saying is that even in my hypersexual time I only had sex with 9 people over all and some of them weren't men so wouldn't be counted by incels. 10 is very above average by that time.

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