Insecure about the number of guys I've had sex with. [20F]

You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If your sexual experiences have made you feel positive and were enjoyable for you and if you were responsible, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You really do need to eventually face the sexual abuse you struggled with on your 14th birthday. There's no question about that. Once you come to terms with that, which might take you a very long time, you'll find that a lot of that guilt will dissipate over time.

When I was 18, I did porn for about a year. I'm not ashamed of this at all. I'm not ashamed of any of what I did in front of a camera, who I did it with or the number of men and women I had sex with on camera. I've had gang bangs with five men, I've had sex with trans women, I've been tied up and held under water, I've done suspension bondage. I once did a scene where over a dozen men took turns fucking me.

And you know what? I'm not ashamed of any of it and I don't regret any of it either. I enjoyed it. We weren't hurting anyone and everyone on set was respectful and responsible so I have no reason to feel any shame or regret.

I was also sexually abused from the ages of eight to eleven and I was raped when I was sixteen. I never felt any shame over either of those but I spent almost half of my life being angry with my first abuser and three years being angry with my rapist until I took the time to properly process it instead of drowning it out or desensitizing myself with numerous casual partners when I wasn't in front of a camera.

I spent years repressing the memories of the abuse and it created a lot of serious issues for me that never resolved themselves until I accepted what had happened, acknowledged that none of it was my fault, that I wasn't disgusting or undesirable or any less of a person deserving of love or respect than anyone else is.

OP, I hope you see this and realize that you aren't alone and that you should never feel any shame for any sexual act that was safe and consensual, nor should you feel similar about the abuse you've suffered.

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