[WP] A psychopath lures people into a deadly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Part Two

Leila woke up in an empty room. Her head pounded. She tried to move but found that she was strapped down to a chair.

Her wrists were shackled to the armrests with her ankles shackled to the chair legs. A spider gag forced her mouth open. She felt her head strapped to the headboard of the chair.

The last thing she remembered was being at an art gallery exhibition. She was looking at a beautiful Monroe when a woman walked up next to her. Leila found her very attractive, but it was the conversation they had about art that led her to going out for drinks with the woman.

They headed down to a cocktail bar down the street. They each had a few drinks when the woman proposed a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Leila felt lightheaded and flush. They’d had such great conversation, and Leila found herself so very attracted to the woman. She laughed and agreed. Nothing like having a bit of school kid fun.

They each made a bet. Leila bet that if she won they’d go out again and have a proper date. The woman laughed and agreed. If she won then she’d kill Leila. Leila shook her head and asked the woman to repeat what she’d said. If she won she’d kill Leila. Leila didn’t quite get it but figured it was some kind of figure of speech. Four drinks in and her reasoning skills weren’t that great.

Best two of three. The woman won the first game. Leila lost the second with scissors. She’d been beaten by rock. “Time to die,” said Leila. She laughed.

“Not tonight,” said the woman. She patted Leila on the back, gave her a peck on the cheek and left. Leila realized she’d never gotten the woman’s name.

A click of heels broke through Leila’s thoughts. She tried to look around. The woman from the night before stepped into view in front of Leila. Leila mumbled and tried to speak.

The woman shook her finger and tsked. “Don’t speak. This will be over soon.” She grabbed Leila’s head and adjusted the straps, forcing Leila’s head back. Leila’s open mouth aimed towards the ceiling.

The woman forced a wide funnel down Leila’s throat. It burned and hurt. Stomach bile forced its way up as Leila gagged on the funnel. The woman waited for the gag reflex to dissipate.

“Time to collect my bet,” said the woman. She began to pour pea gravel down the funnel. Leila cried and tried to prevent the gravel from going down. She failed.

The woman took the funnel out of Leila’s lifeless body. Pea gravel settled down with a few bits falling out of Leila’s mouth. She’d been completely filled and had suffocated.

The woman licked her lips. She stood and admired her handy work. After a few minutes of capturing mental pictures she left.

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