Intimacy problem

I mean this sincerely, and not from a bad place - but could it be that you're both coming from a place of unrealistic expectations? In other words, both of you are virgin and you've watched so much porn you think that's how real life works.

It doesn't. She needs to also let go of this immature and unrealistic approach, and so do you. I wanted to avoid being this descriptive but alas there is no shame in Islam and I want to help you out and any newlyweds reading.

There is really no such thing as vaginal orgasms for a majority of women. The stimulation occurs from the clitoris and not necessarily penetration. You have to learn this together. Ideally, when she is on top - ask her to try and grind against you. Eventually she'll find the "resonance" let's just say lol. It takes time and effort. You cannot achieve this synchronisation in one day. You also need to relax bro, no pressure.

This entire fad and total rubbish from porn is that orgasms from Penetration happen all the time is perhaps the source of both of your frustration. Lots of foreplay and time are required. You should also relax, brother. You aren't going to accomplish anything if you're trying to act like an adult film star. This is real life, not fiction aka porn.

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