INTJs what are your ways of "self improving" ?

If I notice I have a continued emotional reaction to something I figure out what's the problem and set out to amend it. Identify what is a unhealthy emotional reaction or an unhealthy emotion and take steps to control it.

Recently, I've taken up yoga and meditation which have been a great help in patience and anger control. Also, smiling every now and again*, randomly throughout the day for little to no reason, seems to have improved my general mood. I generally feel better and I've developed a tendency to laugh when something repeatedly frustrating occurs i.e dropping a pen three times in a day.

I've never been good with people because I can usually finish what they are saying before they say it (makes movies/anything with twists miserable).

I've started making more eye contact (was always difficult) and generally asking about them, the person. It stops small talk from occurring which is great seeing as I don't watch sports or television. You wouldn't be surprised how often Breaking Bad, GoT, Walking Dead, and SoA are brought up as filler talk.

Talking about them allows them to stay engaged and benefits me in that I don't say much. That's not to say I can't be charming but that usually only comes out around people I'm comfortable or women I'm interested in.

Acknowledge your emotions and don't try to hid them from yourself. Have policy with yourself that you'll never lie to you. Honesty allows for constant and unclouded self-improvement.

In regards to knowledge, I want to learn and apply the knowledge in a way that benefits mankind because our survival as a species is our only real purpose**. I personally don't believe in heaven or hell. I believe that this is the only life we have and that we should apply it for a better future.

*Facial Action Coding System is what I used to "construct" a genuine smile. I practiced it in the mirror for a while until I felt comfortable and now I do it periodically throughout the day.

** I know what you're thinking but it's what I believe. Every other purpose is a construct of man and has no real meaning. Thus the only way to truly make your existence matter is to help humanity. Of course I don't judge or fault other for not agreeing. Variety is the spice of life after all.

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