Bill O'Reilly: Black people should wear "don't get pregnant at 14" shirts

You are contradicting yourself, because you are pandering to black people to make yourself feel like a hero. Like you are the white knight who’s going to come save them. You distinguish racism from culture as the first thing you are saying, yet you go on to say that criticizing the culture in harlem is probably just racist. So any criticism of black people whatsoever is racist. Maybe its you who doesn’t understand the difference? I forgot black people are special unicorns that need white people like you to protect them. Why don’t go call ask some Africans what they think of American ghetto culture, and you can call them racist too!! Black africans are the most educated group in the United States, they don’t think dressing like a prisoner and acting like a thug is a good culture to raise children in.

I’m glad your resource rich suburb with a couple of black people gave you enough genius insight to make statements like “Abject poverty breeds crime, period” with such authority. Speaking of “pseudoscientific views” can you explain how exactly it is that poverty is way up, the income gap is the highest ever, and yet crime is the lowest its been in 50 years? Oh those gross poor people, they just breed crime by being alive. Poverty goes up, crime goes down and yet you go on about how other people are uneducated. Some nerve.

Tell Jacob Conteh what a racist he is.

"Perhaps the greatest difference I have seen between African immigrants and African-Americans is how they react to adversity.

Most African immigrants to the United States came here for economic advancement. They do not have any political agenda. They are willing to take any job and do not blame the “system” when they fail in their endeavors.”

We should be teaching people to be more like the African immigrants. But we have white people like you too teach them how to be victims! Hooray for saving the poor minority! Frankly, to me, your a bigot.

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