As intricate and "deep" as Ergo Proxy is, I can't consider it a great show.

[Huge spoilers for history buffs](/s "

where shall i begin?

ikaros & daedalus:

ikaros (greek form) without an 'a', is 'karos' (the city), karos without an 's', is karo, indo-european root for the shape of a diamond in a set of playing cards, hence the 'playing card soldiers'.

asura (assur, the city, of the sun), of ashur (the god), akkadian/sumerian stuff:

can also refer to ashur

can also refer to hindu asuras:

raul creed launches this:

ref to jet li's 'the one' - vincent law, yulaw. also in both, there is not one you, there are many... there can be only one, highlander theme basically.

also anime references:

walt disney of anime:


pino is also 'piano' without an 'a', which comes up in the anime.

basically loaded with historical/mythological references. more than i've been able to list here.

also, the way karos/asura are portrayed is like the sumerian/akkadian sects of the sun and the moon.

also, i won't get into the politics of mesopotamia in 3500bc, but the whole city of the sun/moon plays into that too. different gods, different sects.

goddess of the moon:

god of the sun:

which is incidentally the god of the old testament in the bible. (gilgamesh, creation myth, debate between the cow and the grain, the fish and the birds, etc...)

epic of gilgamesh:

creation myth:



i could fill a page with this stuff and not be able to shake a stick at it.


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