Iran Nuclear Deal Reached. After eight straight days of high-level diplomatic negotiations between the six world powers and Iran, negotiators announced an interim agreement has been reached on the principles for dismantling Iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting heavy economic sanctions.

Nuclear deal

Iran has agreed to reduce by approximately two-thirds its installed centrifuges. Iran will go from having about 19,000 installed today to 6,104 installed under the deal, with only 5,060 of these enriching uranium for 10 years.

Iran will have 6,104 centrifuges installed, not 500 to 1,500 as Washington originally wanted as a ceiling or 4,000 as floated by U.S. officials as a possible compromise. 5,000-6,000 centrifuges is enough for a bomb but not sufficient enough to power a reactor.

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"A ten-fold increase in Iran’s centrifuge capacity would be required to enrich enough uranium fuel for its Bushehr reactor alone. And no matter how many more centrifuges Iran installs, it can never become self-sufficient because it does not possess adequate uranium ore reserves for a large-scale nuclear energy program."

All excess centrifuges and enrichment infrastructure will be placed in IAEA monitored storage and will be used only as replacements for operating centrifuges and equipment.

Iran can keep the remaining 12,896 centrifuges

Iran’s breakout timeline – the time that it would take for Iran to acquire enough fissile material for one weapon – is currently assessed to be 2 to 3 months. That timeline will be extended to at least one year, for a duration of at least ten years, under this framework.

Obama's bare minimum would have extended nuclear breakout to at least 10 years, they settled for the one year nuclear breakout.

Looks to me like a horrible deal.

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