Iranian Women against Clerics.

Iranian here, let me explain

First, most of this is propaganda, as are most videos trying to show iran in a bad light, the saudis spend billions to fund propaganda.

These mullahs know that they are hated more and more most of them avoid the camera, last year there was a case called Behrouz Hajiloo, the guy was a veteran of the special forces, snapped and shot a mullah in the city of Hamedan. The guy is up there along with Babak Khorramdin, and Pirouz Navahandi among most iranians who read his story.

Here is an English thread

What these mullahs should be worried about is the ultranationalism that takes over growing dissatisfaction with their stupidity and disregard for the country of Iran, no one should say you should move out of your homeland, specially not a useless mullah that doesnt like the idea of Iran. It is getting scary indeed. I just hope it will resolve peacefully.

Also, Personally i think there is nothing wrong with a hijab, and im not even religious, European nobility used to cover themselves during the victorian era... But this isnt about that.


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