Isis set up giant screens in Raqqa showing Jordanian pilot burning to death cheered on by crowds

Kurds in the past were all yazidis and after islam they were actually forced to islam.

You have a source for that? The earliest sources for the existence of the Kurds as an ethnic identity were in the 8th century. Like many religious groups, they weren't "forced to convert" as the popular conception goes, they were taxed jizyah and converted to escape the taxation.

Also YPG is the syrian kurdish force

I am aware. YPG and Peshmerga are fighting together against IS in Kobane currently. I was not talking about Iraq exclusively since the conflict with IS includes both Syria and Iraq and should be considered a single war.

it isn't just one big PR stunt man, this isnt the nfl or the oscars.

PR (for lack of better terms) is actually one of the most important things in war. The amount of supplies, weapons, intel, and support the Kurds have gained from the West since last summer is immense. This was partly an effort to garner support from the West, and it worked. Virtually every faction in the war is doing something along those lines: IS is trying to gain recruits, FSA is trying to be seen as the moderates, etc.

People are actually dying, starving, the fact that it seems that kurds need help isn't pr its because they actually need help.

Just because people are dying doesn't mean that the leadership isn't trying to gain support from the West. As mentioned before, many groups are suffering but the Kurds get an especially sympathetic view from the West because they are more successful at gaining sympathy than other groups such as the Assyrians. It's also partly because Kurds are more capable of fighting than other groups.

Im glad people are supporting us, it tells me that we are fighting on the right side.

I don't believe in right/wrong sides in any war. I'm a very impartial observer of international events.

The fact we dont kill people and treat them different based on nationality and religion is a great thing and a mentality that the west agrees with.

Certainly Kurdish forces don't kill people with the same level of disregard as IS or al-Nusra, but Kurdish forces still kill people. How else do you win a war?

There's also much racism in Iraqi Kurdistan against Arabs. Kurdish leadership has done an excellent job of highlighting how they are more Western-minded than the other regions of Iraq, but let's face it, Iraqi Kurdistan is not Westernized by a long shot. It has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation in the Middle East, there's still honour killings and like I said before, significant racism against Arab refugees.

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