'This isn't a game': Michelle Obama rips into Trump for refusing to concede and putting her family in danger with 'racist lies'

The longer this goes on the more I yearn for a communist revolution.

Revolutions are always violent, But at least it wouldn’t be another 80 years of this shit with an ending where I tell my grandchildren (If they’re even able to survive that long) that I recognized the problems and just did nothing to fix it.

Succeed or fail, at least that way I would know that I had tried, instead of just laying down and resigning myself to die a slave of the bourgeoisie in a land where my voice means nothing next to the donations of corrupt billionaires. At least then we’d have a chance to change something.

But what is my future with neoliberalism? Even if Biden wins he’ll be prevented from inacting real change by the GOP who will use every trick in the book to see him foiled, he’s the most moderate candidate possible, damn I would even consider him right wing if our country actually had a sane overton window, but even he is going to be cast as a socialist and demonized, the only people who won’t be are the actual fucking fascists.

So what do I have to look forwards to? Another four years of nothing, or at gets a return to the status quo that was already god-awful that will only last until the next election, when the GOP will run someone slightly less incompetent and succeed in their quest to destroy our democracy?

No candidate who actually stands for change will ever have a chance of winning as things are, even the moderates who stand for nothing but more of the same are considered radical. And even if one managed to win we know they’d just be ratfucked and filibustered to prevent them from doing anything to actually influence the bottom line of the powerful. - You know I loved the bern man, but let’s be honest with ourselves, even if he won the election he could not have succeeded in the things he wanted to change, even Obama was constantly stonewalled by the GOP me his most radical policy was “hey, what if we *didn’t* let people die of easily preventable diseases”.

Actually fixing our fundamental problems under the current system is impossible. We will never have an effective climate plan implemented, we will never get the healthcare we need and deserve, we will never repair income inequality, we will never get money out if politics or unratfuck ourselves, we are going to continue plummeting into the abyss, our rights will continue to be systematic stripped away, our economy will work for us less and less as it becomes more solely geared towards the rich with the working class having no say in politics, they will vote down climate change policies to avoid influencing their bottom line, they will succeed in subverting and destroying democracy, and in the end we will be ruled by a handful of corrupt plutocrats (oh wait, we’re there) too incompetent to manage our economy effectively or to provide any social safety net for the massive damages caused by such self-serving policies. The March of automation will continue on, wiping out more jobs, creating more homeless people who cannot afford health insurance, and making the wealth gap grow ever exponentially higher.

So, when I look to the future, what do I have to look forward to? Holding onto a job I hate that pays me a pittance to provide value to the owner, until they finish the automation that will replace me and I get tossed out on the street without insurance, where I will catch COVID, or starve. To lie down to die in an alley like a flea infested feral dog? - Or perhaps to keep my job, with stagnated wages and ever growing inflation making me effectively poorer every year, as cost if living goes up and landlords raise rent to make more money doing nothing, profiting off the construction workers who did the real labor, whi they doubtlessly paid little? Watching my planet die as my species tries to speedrun its collective Darwin Award? Dying a cold, lonely, pathetic coward too afraid of... if what? Of death? Of poverty? Of a loss of democracy? Of extinction?

Newsflash people, that’s where we’re going anyway! The certainty of our fate grows by the day, day after day our collective power is stolen from us, each day our ability to make effective change is drained more.

Capitalism and democracy cannot coexist. They are fundamentally apposed axioms, and capitalism is winning, will continue to win, will continue to sell of flesh and our blood, and our souls.

When I look to the future all I see is a boot stomping on my face, branded with the amazon logo. And I wish I could change that.

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