they said that talking would solve things

Lol. Not at you, but I have a similar story. I found out this girl hated me a while back and I was like flabbergasted because I never spoke a fucking word to her. I find out later that she hates me because of some rumor , one of those shitty friends of mine said. And this girl hated me 10 years later without ever knowing me.

But also, its a tough time for everyone, so your friends ghosting may not just be about you. People go through some stuff.

Lastly, if you really want to know what happened. Just ask a friend. It takes a little bit humility but there's nothing wrong with reaching out saying, "hey its been a while, I feel like we're driving what's up?"If they can't tell you the truth, maybe they're not worth your friendship.

I've had to restart my circle of friends a few times in my life. Its never easy, but I'd rather go through the motions of finding new friends then be alone and not do anything at all. At least in former case I'm actively trying to improve my situation. The latter feels like I've given up, and I feel like that feeling is worse.

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