I've finally put my tin foil hat on and believe in handicapping....

First instance - hitting the woodwork twice. Literally impossible. Never happens in real life.

Second instance - Ramos being a motivational speaker. I have to admit, that it must've been frustrating to concede a goal like that. Typical EA bullshit.

Third instance - Marcelo...? What's wrong with that one? Modric is 5m away from him, the player then proceeds to act retarded by running in circles and instead of hitting LT in time in attempt to block the shot, he continues to run. Legends say he's still running. Definite scripting.

Fourth instance - EA is against me, because I didn't get quite the call I wanted, apart from the fact that red cards aren't given when penalties are in FIFA 15. Still, though, EA is definitely conspiring against you personally.

Fifth instance - hitting the woodwork again, followed by not being able to use the left stick properly. Really unfortunate to have hit the post there, but there's no excuse to missing that header.

Sixth instance - things are starting to get suspicious. Perhaps switching between assisted/semi-assisted as you and the AI clearly can't cooperate with your current settings.

Seventh instance - a guy slightly impeded me. They give reds for that in the Sunday league!

Eighth instance - Khedira not scoring a fairly tricky finesse shot. So what he's got 62 finishing. I've hit the post/crossbar X time already, so it would be moral of EA to finally help me by 'scripting' the ball into the net!!111oneone

Ninth instance - thank fuck this one's the last one. It's the 90th minute, I've got the ball and decide to go for a stupid fucking long pass as Raphael Varane. Look how the player has been selected. Clearly, Ronaldo should've been selected, because he would magically teleport to where that ball was going and I wouldn't have conceded, which was totally not my fault by the way. So what Bale was by far the closest to that pass. All my players should have 99 passing, because that would balance the scripting.

To sum it all up. The 5 posts were damn unlucky. Apart from that, well done for finding absolutely nothing and backing up your mistakes with mysterious 'scripting'. I could create a similar video out of the next game I play, picking out every single thing that hasn't gone my way and labelling it as EA hacks. I'd like to see how many upvotes/downvotes both mine and your post get so that I can see how bad people here are.

Good luck at improving your game mate, because with that attitude and the tin foil hat you're wearing, you'll never get anywhere.

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