I've saved my favorite lines from the past year, buddy told me they belong here.

literally has women approach him and ask to fuck him within hours of meeting him. I swear to god I’m not making it up. I’m both impressed and appalled by it.

This only happens to me when I'm at bars generally, and I only go to bars when My friends are on stage performing so I can sort of get it from the status I get from knowing all the performers.

Otherwise in more sober circumstances they usually just get upset that I'm married. Then either they try their best to behave extra nice, which feels weird when I see them act differently to my other male co-workers, or they immediately get upset that my wife doesn't work for someone else and decide that I must be a pig because I don't force my wife to be a slave to the system.

Similarly, if they find out my wife is bisexual, either they try to get in to a threesome way too forcefully, or they think that my being ok with her having sex with women makes me homophobic.

I guess I must only be half Chad.

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