I've watched WWF / WWE faithfully since 1982. It's never been this indefensibly silly.

I grew up in a mostly WWF city, but still gravitated to NWA, AWA and WCW stuff as a kid after I rented all the WWF stuff. I'm glad I did, not knocking you or anyone, but having options really made my life as a wrestling fan better. When WWF got kinda bad in the mid 90's, boom WCW scooped me up. Then both got hot AND ECW!? Then WCW got bad and I still had options. What killed me was when WWF ate up WCW and ECW. The lack of options bummed me out. I need choices. I wasn't really paying attention to Japan as it was tougher to get that stuff. I just stopped watching for nearly a decade.

My point is, is I'm grateful for all the options there are now. I'll never be a team player, I'm into whatever I feel like at the moment. Hopefully you can lean into some of the other options out there and find entertainment in them. There is no "side" to all of this, just fans who like people "fake fighting" with insane stories. You don't need to pick a team, just find the things you enjoy and watch them.

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