[James Ducker] David De Gea to commit future to Manchester United by signing long-term £350,000 a week contract

Its actually stunning how delusional this post is.

I think it’s fair to say that at this point Dave should be considered a club legend. Stuck by the club in some of its roughest years in living memory.

He would be at Real after flirting with them for over a year if it wasn't for a clerical error, after running down his contract too to put us in the worst negotiating position.

The best keeper in the world will be playing Europa League football for the 3rd year since signing.. I mean that’s just testament to the guys integrity.

He is top 5 Ter Stegen, Oblak, Ederson and Allison are all ahead of him at this point. His reflexes are going and his confidence has gone, in the last year he been at fault for Spain losing the world cup and United losing top 4.

He fully deserves this as well.

Doesn't need much does it, De Gea does not deserve to earn 4 times as much as Ederson or Allison. And almost twice as much as the 2nd highest paid GK in the world Courtois.

He did deserve it when his performances warranted it. I got no time for sentimality with a player who joined other clubs only for it to fall through.

If he was as good as you think he is, he wouldn't be staying at this club. Not so long ago every big team would have been in for De Gea at all cost and now nobody wants to touch him other than PSG.

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