Was Jesus a great moral teacher:The end goal of atheism vs. Christianity and Christianity wins out in most logical of happening

I ask you, "Do you believe there's a God." You say, "No." That's still a claim. If you're not pretending to have the answers then you would be an agnostic not an atheist. Christianity is partly based on faith. I don't know it all either. This shows that Evangelical Christians are more chilly toward atheists. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/07/16/u-s-evangelical-christians-are-chilly-toward-atheists-and-the-feeling-is-mutual/

This one shows atheists dislike Evangelical Christians more.

What's the reason to hate Christians? Gay marriage is about it and perhaps spreading our message that Jesus is the messiah and is the son of God. You don't know that it is wrong and historians say that his Resurrection is very powerful. Atheist activists feel the need to make fun and a bit hateful toward people who are theists. Now, I don't think I'm hateful toward anyone who is a normal atheist and believes there is no God, that's fine but when atheists and anti-theists start to go beyond what is reasonable...no wonder why some Christians are hateful. It's like African Americans and whites. Not all of them should be hated but when African Americans use their hate to go on and kill and rape innocent people and then the police fear and get defensive toward them, that's what they sometimes get. Although, I don't believe you should shoot a person if they have no weapon or are defensive. Let me state that. Now, I don't like to generalize about people so I see if the person is a way that isn't respectable first, so I don't attack someone's beliefs but how they act...the way a person acts should be attacked not what they believe. So for example, a person is a Muslim shouldn't be attacked but it's their actions that should be attacked. All people are guilty of some degree of hate. You generalize Christians or many other religious people. Look up what atheist regimes did. What they did was kill people and they killed way more people than Christianity or any religion has combined. So I generalize and say that atheists mass murderers and hateful as well.

Jesus isn't already in our heads though. What He did was during time. God was before time. If God created us as I believe, then he would instill in us psychological kind of brains that would come up with the question as to what is the meaning of life, the afterlife, and the thought of a Higher Being.

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