Am I the only one?

You're welcome!

What's tragic for AMD is that, up to the introduction of Maxwell, you could argue that their silicon was at least as good and probably better than Nvidia in a lot of key performance metrics. (perf/W, perf/mm2 etc.)

But one way or the other, they manage time and again to take a diamond, rub it with excrement and release it to the world. And by the time, they've cleaned the excrement, the reputation is shot.

Take the 7970. Good silicon. But they first introduced it with too conservative clocks, and immature low performance, leaving the door wide open for Nvidia to trump them with the GTX 680, at a lower price no less. 6 months later, they introduced the 7970 GE and a much faster driver, but by then all reviews were long written and the reputation damage done.

I already mentioned the R9 290X fiasco with the cooler.

And now it's FreeSync. Variable refresh rates for free. AMD decided to create the FreeSync label as a sign of Adaptive Refresh excellence. Then some less than perfect monitor enter the market (LG: only a range of 48Hz to 75HZ, BenQ: no overdrive, so ghosting, Asus: FreeSync only goes to 90Hz on a 144Hz monitor) and instead of guarding their brand and refusing to grant their label, they give it anyway, cheapening its value and tarnishing the brand. Completely avoidable.

AMD has already the underdog reputation. They can't afford screw ups like this, yet they keep on shooting themselves in the foot.

The worst part of it all is that Nvidia has finally figured out to make incredibly efficient chips, both perf/W and perf/mm and that AMD is now behind even from a silicon point of view. The resulting implosion is unavoidable.

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