Just turned 21 and the only happy birthday wish i got was from a random sports forum (e-mail). For some times i thought i was out of depression but this one hit me hard

Hey man, I had a similar birthday 2 years ago. I've been out of school for 4 years and have made very few friends in my new place. A lot of my closest old friends didn't say anything that birthday and it really hurt me. I didn't complain to them or anything nor mention it. This year, a bunch of them (even the one who I'd least expect it from) sent me e-mails/texts whatever. Point being, they were probably busy, had things in their own lives going on and either forgot (it wasn't their own birthday they forgot) or got sidetracked and didn't despite having meant to. I'm really learning a lot right now about how detrimental it is to seek validation from others. I've been on a downward spiral for about 2 years now, seeking romantic interests. I just got my first girlfriend (I'm 26) around New Years; she broke up with me a week ago today. This was the final straw that made me realize that all my destructive behavior over the past 2 years has been from seeking validation and that happiness is only going to come from within. Seriously.

I got all drunk and sad the night she broke up with me even though I didn't want to. I just thought it's what I was supposed to do; big mistake. What I had wanted to do was just meditate, in the week since I've just turned to my meditation, it's been the happiest I've been in almost 2 years.

I did come here looking for advice on meeting people because I would like more human interaction. However, reading this has really reminded me again how much I need to keep reminding myself that it's not what's going to ultimately make me happy. Living well is.

You're in law school, that's a huge thing. Lawyers can have such a positive impact on the world. I'm considering doing it myself because of all of the suffering that I see that I think needs to be changed and can only be done through the legal/political system. You're one step ahead of me :)

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