K-Pop is awful.

Kpop(Korean popular) is a general term used in the west to describe all Korean music and popular culture, however in America it usually refers to what is known in Korean as "idol music" instead of the whole of popular culture, there are a lot of genres western people will refer to as 'kpop' simply because they're Korean, without respecting their own identity as a musical entity. If you are generally not a fan of pop music in the west, you are unlikely to enjoy Korean pop music, as despite the language it still is pop music. But there are so many genres and different artists that grouping them all as 'bad' for sharing the western label of "kpop" is like if I said "all music in English is bad". Interestingly, the most popular kpop groups and artists, tend to be largely self-produced and self-made with a focus on protest, self identity and defying tradition, BTS for example, who are undoubtedly the most popular kpop group at the moment, have recently developed a more American music style in their musical production, however they come from a small company which was on the brink of bankruptcy, with most members coming from the Korean underground hip-hop scene. debuting with a series of (mostly) self produced albums about school inequalities, generational expectations and the experiences of young people in the harsh Korean education system. Despite not being their fan, and not particularly enjoying their newer music, I still recognise how important they are for young people by showing good examples of hard-work, dedication, self-love and friendship. There are also groups like SEVENTEEN, one of my favourites, who come up with everything they release, including choreography, lyrics, production, composing, concepts for music videos, content outside of music(similar to YouTube style videos with a higher budget), and ideas for outfits/looks, you'd think that they come from some big company with a lot of training in these areas, but they too come from a small company where they all came together due to a passion for creating art, and they still talk about issues relating to youth, growing up, fears of failure, social pressures and etc. About what you said regarding "dance craze music", there is a recent trend in the mainstream groups who are popular internationally to have the title track(song that gets a music video and promotes the album) be EDM and have an incomplete chorus, but again, you can't group the whole of Korean music into it, this is simply present in title tracks, most songs on an album tend to have vastly different styles, but making the title track trendy helps promote it, there are also so many indie Korean bands and artists that have such unique styles and performances that you would never find anything like it in the west. Actually fun fact, in Korea, the most popular music genre is actually ballad songs, not what the West considers to be kpop.

I don't want to be mean and assume anything, but based on how you wrote your opinion, which BTW is totally OK to have, I'm just trying to add some more information for you in case you're unaware of it, not change your opinion, i assume that you are not the most familiar with more than a few kpop songs, and so I have a few recommendations for you to check out before fully claiming to hate it: If you like rock music(which is my favourite genre) I recommend you check out these title tracks(which are vaugly popular) :"Sweet chaos" by DAY6, a popular band as of late, who I've been following for a long time, they are self produced and their main lyricist(the bassist) is very good with words and story telling, the song is also amazing musically, it uses 200BPM and its so fun to listen to (and play, at least on the drums, playing it on piano breaks my hands and my spirit), there is also "The real" by N.flying, which is more funky and feels oddly cartoonish (which is a factor of this groups music), "chase me" by dreamcatcher, who are not a traditional band, they're a performance based girl group with amazing vocals and a rock inspired sound and lastly if you want a very good, emotional and soft rock song, check out "friend to lover" by Standing Egg, a very undergroundish band with a very cool, chill sound. If you like hiphop/rap, there's too many recommendations as Korean rap is a very interesting genre with a lot of subgenres and cross influences, I would recommend Zico most of all, and basically any song by him that you find first, Zico is the most popular k-r&b(another favourite genre of mine) and k-hiphop, so his sound tends to change drastically depending on the songs genre, for a more R&B song check out "Human" and make sure to read the lyrics translation, for a more hiphop song check out "eureka" which is just plain fun. I could go on forever about k R&B and hip hop as I tend to listen to it too much but we need to move on. If you like a mixture of styles with a contemporary feeling and a vast amount of range, I recommend SHINee, one of the biggest kpop groups of all time, you might recognise them from a very popular song called "ring ding dong", however their style is so much different from that song and they have such a wide range of feelings across their large discography. Not counting solo releases the members had, check out "alarm clock", "woof woof", "symptoms", "CODE", "hitchhiking" and "excuse me miss" all of these have such different styles while still having their signiture sound that listening to them back to back might make you confused lol. I can recommend things all day long but it's going to be too long and I have to stop.

Anyways, kpop is not a singular unit and I recommend you check out some more information about it before completely dismissing it, I have been into kpop for a very long time and got to watch it rise in popularity and change every year, so I its a topic I'm very passionate about (as is music in general) I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you learnt something new, and even if you haven't, at least I enjoyed writing this. Have a great day, -a random person who likes ranting about things for fun

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