Why was my interest in songwriting considered a “loser” thing by my friends?

The above said, we probably all have growing to do, in our own times and in our own ways.

Let me tell a story on myself:

When I first got to college, I was pretty full of myself. And things were going my way. I got a chance to direct and shoot a 12 minute 16 mm short with some of my classmates. It was dumb as heck, but made people laugh, something that was a little lacking in other student films at the end of the sixties. I thought I was pretty cool.

Meanwhile, one of my old high school classmates was trying to get into filmmaking. He couldn't get into the SC undergraduate film School as he wanted, but he was able to get into a video production class and did a short with some of our mutual friends. One of the things about student films is that a lot of times you have to use the people around you as actors, and not everyone is a natural. My friend's short was a bit awkward as a consequence, the production quality was a bit short of slick.

I felt smugly superior.

But he kept working at it, taking every opportunity he could get to crew on other people's shoots, even when it meant he was working on stuff that was pretty rough, even for student stuff.

Meanwhile, glowing from my success as a 'filmmaker,' I moved on to other ventures and adventures. I had a good time, I did a lot of different things. I'll write about it someday, when I'm old. Oh, wait, I am old...

Cut back to Hollywood...

My friend plugged away, got into a film grad program at USC, and then took a series of what could only be described as low end jobs in the industry. But he didn't get discouraged and he kept taking jobs in the industry, keeping his eyes open, gaining experience, and when he took a leap and submitted a script treatment with another friend in a similar place in the industry, they were delighted that it got picked up.

Fairly soon they were selling scripts on a semi regular basis and the production company that made the show they sold a couple strips too told them they were looking for a new show and maybe they could work up a treatment. Pretty soon they were showrunners for a show that became not just a hit but something of a critics favorite.

Meanwhile, here I am writing about that on Reddit.


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