League Reddit mods signed non-disclosure agreements with Riot Games

First of all, I think that Richard Lewis has it out for the mods and was also rightfully banned from this sub, BUT this article does bring up good points of concern that may need to be looked at by the admins.

Confidential Information shall also expressly include the fact that discussions or negotiations are taking place between the Parties, including the status of such communications.


The Recipient agrees not to use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than in furtherance of Riot’s objectives in connection with the engagement of Recipient and to further one or more strategic business transactions with Riot (as applicable).

These two sentences in the NDA are a bit concerning to me, mainly because of how they are worded. "Futherance of Riot's objectives" is especially concerning and I think that the admins really need to take a look at perhaps replacing the mods or at least the ones who signed this NDA since it was optional. This sub needs to be by the player for the player and Riot should have little to no involvement in what is discussed here, whether it be positive or negative about them. While it may be a good thing for employees of Riot to sign something like this, reddit mods are not employees of Riot. They are volunteers on this sub who should be completely uninfluenced by any external forces.

And this is from the reddit user agreement:

You may not enter into any form of agreement on behalf of reddit, or the subreddit which you moderate, without our written approval

Sorry mods, but I have to side with R.L. on this one. I think that you guys were correct on the WTFast matter and even if you were not, it was probably on honest mistake. This on the other hand is directly breaching the terms of the reddit user agreement. I hope the admins take a close look at this matter and maybe replace the mods that signed this NDA.

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