Lets get back to some good ol' conspiracy stuff, I am going to tell you my theory on Reptilians.

If the reptilians exist as non-corporeal entities, I argue that they're the predominant collective unconscious surrounding our planet.

My reasoning: Birds are descendants of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs existed for HUNDREDS of MILLIONS OF YEARS longer than hominids. Birds are socially intelligent and capable of dreams. Any dreaming specie inadvertently exists in a higher plane of existence--the middle space of Gnosticism and Vedic traditions. Dreaming, creatures of a specie maintain and generate a collective unconscious (or simply swim in the Waters of Life/Agni/ether).

People taking psychedelics tend to see the double helix (DMT users especially. Dr.Strassman of New Mexico concluded that the double helix was a form of apriori knowledge seemingly encoded in us like a puzzle piece) and a serpentine God/Goddess. In Peru she is called Ayahuasca. In India she is Soma--inherently androgynous. In Egypt she is called Ma'at/Hathor. The Gnostic Christians called her Sophia and Gnosis. Seems this serpentine deity is the guardian of Truth on our planet. When an imbalance of the light and dark occurs, Vishnu and his female consort manifest to bring back order and divine law.

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