Let's talk: Clarity, by Jimmy Eat World

I'm so happy to read this. For a really long time, Clarity was my favorite album ever made by anyone. It changed the way I listen to music. It was a huge, huge album in my formative years. And I also stopped listening to them after Futures. It's just not the same anymore. But I remember listening to this album for the first time in my dorm room, lying in bed with my headphones on in the dark. Table for Glasses came on and by the end I had tears streaming down my face and I was trying to stay quiet so I wouldn't wake up my roommate. It's such a perfect album from beginning to end. I remember becoming so obsessed with it that when I went on their website in 2001, they had tons of photo galleries and one was from the recording session for Clarity. I remember looking at those instruments in awe and thinking to myself, "Those are the instruments they created these songs with." It was that deep for me. Fast forward a year later and I was seeing them for the first time at my college sports arena. I waited in line for hours, met them out back at their bus and got them to sign my Clarity CD. I was up against the barricade for the show. I was in such heaven during their show, hearing all those songs, singing along at the top of my lungs. I remember I kept making eye contact with the drummer Zach. I kept thinking to myself "Nuh uh. He's just in the zone. There's no way he keeps looking at me, even tho it really feels like he keeps looking at me." Well, at the end of the show, he gets out from behind the kit, walks across the stage right over to me and hands me both of his drumsticks and smiles. My jaw dropped. I think he was just happy I knew more than "Sweetness" and "The Middle" since that's what they were touring for.

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