Liberals on r/AskALiberal go full Trump trying to justify Biden's sexual assault allegations

Honestly it's really sad how most Democrats decided to let Trump win again. Biden is against letting black kids sit next to white kids in school. He's against women having the right to say they were sexually assaulted. He campaigns for conservative judges.

I mean yeah he legitimately thinks marijuana is as deadly as heroin I, and he thinks that homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry, blah blah blah. He doesn't think it's okay for black children to sit next to white children and "progressives" vote for him. We've already lost, we've got another 4 years of Trump thanks to y'all.

Yeah I know it's ironic up in here but I don't care. I hope y'all are ashamed for literally supporting segregation of races in 2020 and calling yourselves "progressive".

Joe Biden has stood before the Senate and said that women shouldn't be able to accuse potential Supreme Court Justices of sexual assault because it might damage their career. Y'all sick.

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