London metro police stop a crowd of peaceful protesters from stomping a man to death.

Everything about how you talk says you're from the US, from your Trumpesque cuck talk and "so sad" lines to your constant "America, fuck yeah" speech. And I didn't say guns don't work, I said more armed police aren't needed in the UK and police with guns don't seem to be doing your country any favours right now.

Most of us now think that the US cutting itself off was "prolly" a lucky escape, otherwise our society would be as fucked as yours is right now and currently, it really isn't no matter who points at us to distract you.

South Africa is actually the rape capital of the world, with Sweden in fourth place and, gasp, America in eleventh, with only two countries in Europe, Sweden and Belgium being higher than you. So much for your crime pride, and the UK isn't even on the list, so what you said was bullshit there too. Maybe you should use google a bit instead of just listening to the big guy.

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