Louis CK must be so jealous of Pete

During one of his Opie and Anthony appearances, Louis was talking about doing a week at Zanies in Rosemont except for two days where Gabriel Iglesias was scheduled. Louis ends up hanging with Iglesias’ opener and gives him advice that was essentially, “if you want to get better at standup, stop smoking weed and going to McDonald’s with Gabriel every night.”

If you watched Louis’ FX show there were several episodes where Louis as a kid steals scales for his dealer and nearly destroys his relationship with his mom in the process. But he also talks about smoking weed as an adult and going to the movies so it sounds like Louis hates what weed did to him as a kid, hates seeing other people fall into a trap and calls them out on it (like he did Pete), but also still smokes on occasion. I have a belief that you hate seeing your worst trait in other people (except smoking weed isn’t his worse trait - jerking off in front of an unwilling audience probably is but I don’t know what all he does.)

Louis is the guy who drank and cruised around with his friends, then became a cop and immediately started busting all the kids who were out cruising and drinking.

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