LPT: Treat children like people. Give them choices and respect. The will do the same to others.

I try that with my niece and it doesn't work. Could be about how others are treating her. I talk to her like I would any other adult (she's 5) and it always ends in a fit. She likes to watch me play video games and sometimes I pause it because I'm also eating a snack, or I'm replying to a text or whatever. She will sit there and yell at me "DO THE GAME! MAKE THE GAME HAPPEN!" Hold on a sec I'm taking a bite. "NO JUST DO THE GAME. MAKE THE GAME HAPPEN NOW!" And I say to her "that's really rude please don't talk to people like that. I'm eating right now and I'll unpause it in just a second." And she'll keep yelling or just say "I don't like you" and leave. Or if I'm talking to my dad or whoever and she wants to tell me something she will go as far as putting her hands over my eyes so I can't see my dad and just yell "STOP TALKING TO GRANDPA I WANNA SHOW YOU SOMETHING!" I know she's 5 but she can be respectful. My fam thinks it's funny and entertaining when she does this shit and they laugh at it. I don't care how old you are, if you're being rude I'm gonna call you out on it I'm not taking your shit. I've kicked her out of my room for being rude several times. Frankly I don't like her at all because she's a little brat.

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